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Kleos provides educational, therapeutic and tourist services in addition to providing other services for anyone wishing to visit Russia

Our goal is to provide high services in a short time and at a lower cost and complete credibility We always strive for excellence and offer you the best

education services

We offer student registration services in Russian universities as well as Chinese universities and provide all student needs within full service packages

 Our Study Services

Obtaining university admission and invitation
Reception at the airport
Registration of students at the university
Providing student housing for the student
Follow up the student’s needs and needs

Therapeutic Services

Kleus offers therapeutic services for those interested in Russia, in .collaboration with Russia’s leading centers and hospitals

Service Pack

we issue invitations for visa for patients
Reception services at airport, translation and patient facilities
Insurance of airline tickets, hotel reservations and treatment times

Tourist services

kleos has many tourism programs for Arabs and foreigners wishing to visit Russia with a package of special tourist services

Services Pack
.Secure Tourist Invitations
.We provide an integrated tourist program and a distinction .Providing hotels with meals
.In addition to providing a tourist guide

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